Livestock / Post dipping

Post-milking sanitizing gel

Taniche Polietilene: 10 - 20 - 60 - 200 kg

FEATURESGel solution with high emollient and sanitizing power, based on LAS(lactic acid system - mandelic acid), to be used exclusively mixed witha special activator (Active Basic). The combination of the two activeingredients develops chlorine dioxide.
FIELDS OF USES:Veterinary Sector. Post-milking.
METHOD OF USE AND DOSES:Add 25 ml of Active Basic per liter of Active Deep and mix the solutionfor a few moments. Proceed with sanitation of livestock. It isrecommended to use always a clean container to mix the products.Before the next milking, clean all the treated parts with disposablepaper or wipes. Once mixed, if the product is stored in a sealedcontainer will last for 7 to 9 days.
COMPOSITION:Contains: L-(+)-lactic acid
Reaction product of benzenesulfonic acid, 4-c10-13-sec-alkyl derivs.
and sodium hydroxide.
PICTOGRAMS REQUIRED:Hazard Statements and Precautionary Statements: see S.D.S.
CARRIAGE OF DANGEROUS GOODS:Goods not dangerous pursuant to the transport regulations.
WARNINGS:Product exclusively for professional use. We do not take on any liabilityfor damage arising from the improper use of the product. Check theproduct correspondence with the required type of application. For use,follow the directions given on the label carefully. Safety data sheetavailable on request of professional users.
SIZE:Polyethylene Tanks kg.10 - 20 - 60 - 200 - 1000

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